Space layout

Space layout

From a child’s room, to a pediatric clinic, a nursery, a kindergarten or whatever space hosts children and teenagers. A complete space layout, furnishing and decoration proposal according to your taste, using existing or new furniture will make your day, every day!
The concept illustration is executed either through photo editing or through fully three dimensional modeling. The possibilities are endless, from simple-yet complex- furniture arrangements (e.g. in the design process, it’s taken in consideration the fact that your baby’s room will eventually need a bed instead of a crib, or even a second one in the near future and all these should fit and function), up to special constructions (elevated sleeping nest instead of a bunk, nursery activities corners, etc.).
As an Architect-Engineer with years of experience I undertake the study, licensing and construction of a wide range of projects and constructions.


Because they are as unique as each child, they don’t stick off, they can’t be torn and if they get smudged, they can get cleaned! The colors used are ecological water-soluble that are blended on the spot to give the desired shades, while drying takes just a couple of hours. It's no different material than what has already been used on the painting of our homes and of course it has the advantage that it can be washed with detergent without fading out.
Here too, with an architectural glance, we will choose where and how the theme of the mural will be developed so that it blends in well with the current or future layout of furniture in the space. Choose a mural with illustrations or geometric patterns, give me your preferences and I will suggest what suits your space and personality.


I design and implement for you large custom constructions as an extension of your personal space layout and decoration, but also small objects in harmony, for example, with a mural. I construct for you props and costumes for children's shows, I convert old objects in accordance with the new aesthetics of your space, create custom made gifts for your newborn granddaughter or nephew ... and so much more!
  • cardboard or fabric ‘tree houses’
  • wooden hand painted ornaments according to a mural’s motifs
  • decorative flags and garlands
  • stylish dress up costumes of fine fabrics
  • toy boxes
  • dreamy models and miniatures
  • decorations for children's events
  • seasons tree
  • ‘quiet books’ & puzzle boards
  • height chart measures
  • Easter candles
  • custom made Christmas ornaments
  • Baptism themes
Let’s design and implement a beautiful and functional space or an original customized gift.
In addition to the classic techniques and tools, I use electronic design software, 3D printers and laser cutters to produce individual elements in my creations, as technological tools can enrich a handmade creation. In my workshop and showroom you can see up close the possibilities of special designs and constructions, samples of handicrafts, murals, costumes and original gifts. Here, we can meet up while your little ones can enjoy themselves in a kid’s friendly space, specially designed for them! 
Ask anything you want to know, regarding a project that interests you and I will be happy to contact you back!