I am

…Maria Dritsa, Architect – Engineer NTUA. I was born in Athens and grew up in the heart of the amazing ‘80s with the limited electronic devices and multimedia but the unimaginable playing and gaming.



As a kid, I loved to observe nature, bugs, flowers, clouds...
But apart from the real world, I liked to immerse myself into my dreamlike places with fairies and pirates. So when the weather was rainy, I sat down for hours and painted it all on paper or fabricated it by making clay miniatures and sewing costumes for my dolls. I have always been fascinated by more… vintage aesthetics – I would call it- like the old postal cards or the mailing sets that we used to exchange as little girls back in the 80s'. At the same time, I have always been very indifferent to the commercial motifs and to most of those ‘outdated’ cartoon heroes.



teen years

As I grew up, I decided to take up the music with great passion while I was dreaming to study at the School of Fine Arts. In times of artistic anxieties, I have always been encouraged by my beloved Mrs. Anna A., a family friend and my arts teacher in high school. Whenever I was pessimistic about my skills, she would always lift me up discreetly, while my teenage mind, living some sort of drama, imagined her almost cheering up for me!


studies 1998-2004

Eventually, Architecture won me. With huge effort and dedication I managed to enter the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens. During the first years, our projects and papers wouldn’t be accepted if they had been executed through computer programs! Of course the laser cutters and 3D printers were in the realm of imagination back then! So I worked very hard with my hands, I improved my techniques and my love for impeccable finish in whatever I craft.
Later, when digital media began to invade every aspect of our lives, I found myself fighting for the first time with …me! My almost persistent love for anything handmade contradicted my logic that screamed loudly that it was time for me to enter the digital world. It was my dear Mr. Demetris G., Professor in urban design and mentor, that made me realize that a fine creator, apart from his vivid imagination, methodical and worthy hands, should master the use of all the tools given to him. And somehow like that, by stubbornness and persistence... I really did become a master in the handling of design technologies, thanks to that funny wrangle with my Professor once upon a time in an amphitheater!




Right after I finished my studies, I started working with great passion while countless interesting projects passed through my eyes and my hands, from small projects such as apartment and commercial design, to executing and even directing Detailed Design of airports and industrial buildings. I was fortunate to find great mentors and to collaborate with very worthy associates, but also to be able to practice my profession before the recession.


maternity VS career = change of course

... and when my first little girl came, I realized that this is the toughest and the most fulfilling project of my career... and that’s why I decided to repeat it after all! And then it’s as if my little ones (with their rooms, their toys, their innocence and their unlimited excitement whenever I hand them over a new cute crafty thingy made just for them) found the rusty key to those dusty gates that once led to my imaginary places and unlocked them! That's how I started to create children's dreamy spaces and objects, originally for my little ones and their friends, with enhanced techniques and experiences, enriched ideas and all the technological means at my service.



launching Putti workshop

Since September 2019, my so creative activity has found its place in the Putti workshop. It is an architectural office that offers a very friendly environment for children, the place where we will make our appointments while your little ones can enjoy themselves. But it's also a workshop where I design and craft all my construction. Here you can see all the possibilities of special constructions, samples of crafts, murals, costumes and customized gifts.